Nagato : With Yahiko as our leader, we began our activity,
then our organization became famous before we knew it.

Hanzou, in an effort to put an end to us, teamed up with a man, a man named Danzou, from Konoha.
He formed an alliance with Hanzou to take the place of Hokage.
Danzou allied with Hanzou to protect his place as Rain Leader.

Hanzou : For me, you whole existance is an eyesore !
Yahiko ! You’re the leader here, your life ends here !
If you try anything to resist, this girl dies right here, right now !
Nagato refuses to hurt Yahiko
Yahiko takes Nagato’s kunai and impales himself to save Konan

Yahiko : You must survive with Konan by any mean.
You’re the savior of this world.

Yahiko died, this was the second Pain
We were supposed to have been matured, grow up …
This was exactly like when my parents died.
That’s when I realized that my answers were just bullshit.

Sidetext : Nagato’s awakening


The 1st part of the spoiler is just retelling of the past chapter, so it’s not interesting

Then its gets interesting.

Jiraiya trained Nagato for a better use of the Rinnegan
Then they talk about the Shodai Rikudou Sennin.
Yahiko, Konan and Nagato decided to form a organization and fight with Konoha and Iwa Gakure.
The organization was so big Hanzou couldn’t ignore it.
Iwa, Konoha, Suna and Yahiko’s manage to have a ceasefire after years of battle.
That’s when Hell began.

The one who awaited them at the place where the ceasefire was supposed to be negociated was Hanzou, who took
Konan was a hostage, and Danzou from Konoha’s Anbu.

Konoha, and Iwa agreed on a fake ceasefire to bait Yahiko and assassinate him.
Danzou expected his actions would make him a better candidate to the Hokage place.
Nagato refuses to tell anything about their organization to Hanzou.
Then Yahiko takes Nagato’s kunai and commit suicide.____________________________________________________________