Genma and the others looks for trees.
Yamato : Mokuton Renchuuka no jutsu
Yamato build a wood house.
Everyone cheers !

before Naruto and Sakura, comes Inari and Tazuna !

Tazuna : Where's Sasuke ? I need to talk to him too.
Naruto has been deceived.
Naruto think : "Where the hell are you Sasuke ?"

Omoi and Karui : Now I understand. The ones who should understand Sasuke's revenge goals more than anyone, doesn't understand anything about it.

Comes a Byakugan user : "Kou" ?

Then secret talk probably from some messenger (Hishou) : "Please, give our message to Lord Hokage. We have a letter for him, from the Raikage."

Then we see Shizune talk with Hishou

Hishou : "Hokage's messenger ? I would like an answer to my letter."
Shizune : "As the Hokage's assistand, I'll take it."

Then Danzou comes.

Danzou : "I'm the new 6th Hokage ! I'll take that letter." He reads. "Sasuke huh ? I knew this day would come sooner or later."

Kiba comes to Naruto.

Kiba : "The 6th gave the order to kill Sasuke !"
Pain : Now you understand Pain. There's no understanding of eachother before feeling Pain.

Samui : Anyway, please give our line up to Lord Hokage.

Tazuna : Where's Sasuke ?

Yamato : It sounds so easy when you say it.

Kiba : Listen, Lady Tsunade is no longer Hokage !
Sakura, Naruto and Kakashi : What ?

I don't know everything but the new guy is named Danzou.

Sakura : What ? Danzou ?
Naruto : No !

Kiba : I have a baaaad feeling about this.
Kiba : This 6th Hokage guy gave the order to kill Sasuke.
rest is too blurry for me.